Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Toon Tracker

The photo practically says it all. The toon tracker page is a page connected to the districts page.
It lists every toon in your district. This makes it surprisingly easy to make a VP run, or get somebody to help with a cog building. For example: You have Defeat 80 Cog Buildings task that you need to finish. You go to any street in an ideal district. You look at the toon tracker page. The toon tracker makes things easy by making the toons who are in a cog battle yellow and the toons who are in a cog building red. Just look for the black colored toons on the list and BINGO! You usually find toons who are sitting outside cog buildings. The toon tracker makes things even more easy for you by letting you teleport to toons right from the toon tracker. Not only that, it shows their details and you can also whisper to them.
The toon tracker is an amazing device, so get into toontown and use it!