Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Field Office Boss and More!

Toontown just released a few awesome updates!
The new field offices have some new cogs... Field Office Bosses! These bosses monitor the field office. If you are lucky, you will get Flippy in a Field Office. Then the Field Office Boss takes a photo of you. Then you end up on Toontown's YouTube channel, fighting cogs in the Feild Office! :D


We knew the CJ HAD to take off his blind fold at SOME point! But we never thought we'd get it on camera! Ho ho ho!

Duke runs around in the Cinemabot HQ! :D
It's short, but it's fun!

More soon!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Kart Stuff!

Trapdoors don't scare Flip!
A deadly Beartrap!
TNT Ahead!!!

There's lots of cool new kart stuff!!! Lots of new traps in toon battles make racing so much more fun!

The new stuff is listed below.

• TNTs: Knock into a TNT and your kart gets sent up in the air with a massive explosion!
Doesn't Target Toons

• Trapdoors: Your racer falls into the trapdoor and gets sent back to the starting line.
Doesn't Target Toons

• Beartraps: Your kart gets mashed into scrap and your out of the race!
Doesn't Target Toons

• Bombs: Use one of these to slow down toons on the track and get rid of pesky hang-on racers.
Medium Rare
Targets Toons

• Speed + Strength: Knock toons out of the way without slowing down and go up to 100 mph!

Flip kustomizing his kart

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Speech Bubbles

You say something...

And a minute after you say it...

It disappears!

Now that Flippy has gotten all of the other new cool things out of the way, he decided it was time to improve Toontown in little ways. One of these ways was making your speech bubbles disappear a minute after you say them. We are looking forward to more from Flippy!

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Cattlelog

Thanks to the new jellybean banks, there's a new Cattlelog!
It has some great stuff in it, including really cool Halloween Costumes!
Here they are in a list!
• Count Dracula Costume:  a cape and shirt and dark pants and shoes - 600 beans
• Princess Costume: A dress and pointy shoes with a wimple - 700 beans
• Ghost: Completly covers toon. Also makes you transparent! - 700 beans
• Mummy: Almost exactly like the normal, retextured shirts, except for a bit of wrapping that hangs off your foot - 400 beans
• Skeleton: Completely transforms your toon into a walking skeleton! - 15,000 beans
• Witch Costume: A ratty dress and a pointy hat with a spider on it - 300 beans

The reason for the big bean count is that the costumes used be a retextured shirt and pants, but now... !
Happy Halloween!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flip Gets the TAR!

Our other toon Flip just got a Toon Atomic Racer! Unfortunately for him, nobody wants to race!
Too bad for Flip!

Cog Stampede!

The latest Toon News for the Amused shows what happened yesterday...

Its the biggest thing since Cog Nation-- Cog Stampedes! Which may be leading up to something even bigger and badder from the cogs...