Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Chairman Battle

Cog Nation


Boarding for the Chairman Battle
You go into the Chairman Doors of Doom, gigantic doors at the end of Cog Nation.
You wait around for toons to show up, and when they do, you make a boarding group.
The Chairman has so many cogs at his command, you need 16 toons in order to get in!
You board the elevetor, and it takes you up to The Chairman Assembly Room.

The Chairman Battle, Part 1: The Assembly Room
Inside the Assembly Room, you see different cog parts being loaded onto a conveyor belt by a large machine. There are different cog workers, each of them have odd grey and green hats on.
your group is split into four toons in each corner of the room. You all battle each worker (they are all cinemabots) until they explode.
Then you rush to another elevator in the back of the Assembly Room.
Note: You can't quit once you board the elevator. The only way to get out early is to get sad early.

The Chairman Battle, Part 2: The Cog Vault
The cog vault is a huge vault with thousands of coins, gold, and dollar bills piled in stacks. Not only that, there are Tickets, Jury Notices, Merits, Cogbucks, and Stock Options hidden in the piles of gold, coins, and dollars. Your group is split into four toons in each of the four groups again. This time instead of being just cinemabots, they are Bossbots in one group, Cashbots in one group, Lawbots in one group and Sellbots in one group. At the end of the battle, pick up as Tickets, Stock Options, etc. as you can find. They will not only completely fill up your laff boost, but they will also fill up your cog suit Tickets, Stock Options, etc. Board the next elevator.
Note: There is a glitch that a few other toons were doing where, if they clicked their friends list multiple times while standing next to a pile of gold, they became transparent and could walk through things like a ghost.

The Cog Golf Turf
The Chairman Battle, Part 3: The Cog Golf Turf
You enter this huge area where tons of Bossbot cogs are practicing golf. Walk up to a golf hole to challenge a cog. Then try to win the golf match. If you do, the cog explodes right away. But if you lose, you fight the cog. Once the cog is gone get into the elevator at the end of the rolling greens.

The Chairman Battle, Part 4: The Cog Jail
The cog jail is a dismal place with every shop keeper on silly street. Defeat the Keymaster Skelecog Version 2.0 Level 13 by facing off against the cogs, (again, your group is split into four toons in each of the four groups), And then all sixteen of you face of against the Keymaster. Even with all sixteen of you working as hard as you can, it can still take ages to defeat him. Most things miss when they fly at him, and his only weakness is Trap. Finally, all the shopkeeper toons are set free and you proceed to the next elevator.

The Chairman Battle, Part 5: The Movie Set
You are surprised to come upon a nice, peaceful scene. Cog-sheep graze in the fields. Suddenly somebody says "Cut! That was awful. Those toons ruined it!" dozens of cogs start pouring onto the set.
Your group is split into four again. After the big fight, you enter yet another elevator for the next big battle!

The Chairman Battle, Part 6: The Antechamber and The Cog Announcement Stand
First, you go into The Antechamber. Its stocks with gags for everytoon. Get a big refill, you'll need it! Then proceed through two doors along the side. You come into the auditorium, a huge place with stairs and a platform. The Chairman squeaks up to the Announcement Stand and starts a speech.
"Dear Cogs of Cog Nation. Its high time to release our proud achievement: WonderCog!"

The Chairman on the Announcement Stand
A curtain pulls back, and a really tall cog is revealed! The Chairman activates the enormous cog.
You run up to it but suddenly a trap door opens and tons of different types of cogs pour out! Your group is split again, and once you defeat the cogs, run up to the end of the auditorium. There is a bunch of chair stacked there. Walk up to them. Then start pressing the delete key rapidly, aiming at the WonderCog. Aim a few at the Chairman, he will use them to protect the Wonder Cog. Once you finally defeat the WonderCog, the Chairman says: "Arg! You silly toons will pay! Ha ha ha ha! See you later!" he says as helicoptor blades come out of his chair and he rises out of a hole in the ceiling.
Duke looks at The Chairman from the side

After the dance, Flippy walks up. "Thank you, toon friends. Your reward for defeating the Chairman is that you get a Cog Medal. The cog medal will help you in battle. Everytime I place a sticker on your cog medal, you will be able to defeat cogs more easily. Here is your first sticker. It triples your Toon-Up. Thanks for helping!" then you teleport out.
Notes: The rewards are Triple Toon-Up, Triple Throw, Triple Squirt, Triple Trap, Triple Lure, Triple Sound, Triple Launch, and Triple Drop. (Using a Triple Throw, or any other Triple makes your gag have less accuracy).

"Arg! You silly toons will pay!"