Friday, June 11, 2010

New Gags!

Look out! The Launch gags are here!
These gags take so much away from cogs that you can't plant them in your garden.

Accuracy: High

Small Slingshot
Damage: 20
You Can Carry: 7 Max

Damage: 40
You Can Carry: 6 Max

Big Slingshot
Damage: 60 
You Can Carry: 5 Max

Rotten Apple
Damage: 80
You Can Carry: 4 Max

Gag Gun
Damage: 100
You Can Carry: 3 Max

Huge Slingshot
Damage: 120
You Can Carry: 2 Max

Damage: 160
You Can Carry: 1 Max

Toontasks For Getting All 20 Training Frames:
1 Visit Sandy, Sandman's Sandwiches
2 Deliver five sandwiches to Professor Pete
3 Visit Sandy, Sandman's Sandwiches
4 Deliver one tuna sandwich to Professor Pete
5 Defeat 100 cogs in Toontown Central
6 Visit Professor Pete
7 Choose (The Gag Track You Could Have Had Before), or Launch

Training Frame 1
Defeat 5 Version 1.3 Cogs in The Editing Room

Training Frame 2
Defeat 80 Flunkies

Training Frame 3
Defeat 80 Bottom Feeders

Training Frame 4
Defeat 80 Short Changes

Training Frame 5
Defeat 80 Cold Callers

Training Frame 6
Defeat 80 The Rewrite Men

Training Frame 7
Defeat 20 Directors in Editing Room D

Training Frame 8
Defeat The Manager

Training Frame 9
Defeat a Cog in Cog Nation

Training Frame 10
1 Visit Flippy, Toon Hall
2 Fish for 2 Clown Fish
3 Visit Flippy, Toon Hall
4 Fish for 1 Catfish
5 Visit Flippy, Toon Hall
6 Fish for 1 Dogfish
7 Visit Flippy, Toon Hall
8 Defeat 4 10%ers
6 Visit Flippy, Toon Hall

Training Frame 11
Defeat a Maneater

Training Frame 12
Defeat a The Stickler

Training Frame 13
Defeat a The Outsourcer

Training Frame 14
Defeat a The Flak

Training Frame 15
Defeat a Starmaker

Training Frame 16
Defeat a The Top Man

Training Frame 17
Defeat a Mr. Hollywood

Training Frame 18
Defeat a The Big Cheese

Training Frame 19
Defeat a Robber Baron

Training Frame 20
1 Visit Professor Pete, Toontown Schoolhouse
2 Defeat a Big Wig
3 Visit Professor Pete, Toontown Schoolhouse
4 Deliver a Wedding Cake to Nancy Gas, Whoopie Sofa Cushions
5 Visit Professor Pete, Toontown Schoolhouse
6 Defeat 20 Maneaters using only Launch Gags, (Or the kind of gag you picked instead of Launch gags)
7 Visit Professor Pete, Toontown Schoolhouse